Those Of Whom I Speak

Artist: Carrion Witch
Release Date: 2014
Track List:

  1. Courtyard of Missing Children
  2. Broken Teeth in a Spiral Pattern
  3. Rotten Cow Head on a Porch
  4. Scalps Decaying in a Sink Full of Blood
  5. Locked in a Dark Cupboard
  6. Dead Animals in a Pile
  7. Burnt Remains of Playmates
  8. The Corner of the Attic is My Only Home
  9. Uncomfortable with Her Body
  10. Sewn Mouth
  11. Seven Fingers on One Hand
  12. Human Wax Candle in a Yellowed Window
  13. Omens in the Window
  14. Dead Bird Impaled with a Nail
  15. Grave Dirt in Black Jars
  16. Dried Oculus Replaced with Pig Eyes