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40armboy is an electronic/industrial/ambient/dark wave project originally activated by Dave Couillou in 1995. The debut "Survival & Basic Knowledge" (1999) was remastered and re-released in 2016 as part of Sun Serpent's 'Re-issue Series'. Meanwhile, Dave began writing and recording new material for the resurrected project which premiered on Vol.2 of the Sun Serpent Split Series in December 2016. A sophomore full-length is currently in production and slated for a late 2017-early 2018 release.

Originally active from 1995-1999, the on again-off again project at the time featured Dave Couillou and Joe Yutsus and was set in motion shortly after their tenure with the 90's industrial band Black Metal Box. The debut album consisted of various recordings culled from several different sessions featuring a wide array of musical styles.

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Feels Like Death (1999)
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Pornado (1999)
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The Worm Device (2016)
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Healing (1999)

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