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Originally taking root as a side project by guitarist/vocalist Dave Couillou, Freak Seed burst onto the North Jersey metal scene in 1996 with the release of the 4-song EP, "Grout". Together with longtime friends and former band mates Jason Tremper, Keith Pieper and Joe Yutsus, Freak Seed perfected their "Groove-Doom Sound of the Lead-Foot-Stomp" with punishing live performances and consistent, groove-laden riffs. Their hard work eventually earned them high praise in several national fanzines, including this zinger from Wayne Klinger (Wretched Prod.) - "Wow, 'Ignition' f**kin' rips! And 'Ribcage' is truly a damn masterpiece in songwriting!" 

Through the mid-late 90s, Freak Seed played several shows in the New York/New Jersey area alongside fellow bands like Mind Eraser, Rawhead & Tickle. Forging ahead on the momentum of the "Grout" EP, Freak Seed returned to Sweetwood Sound Studios in July 1996 to record their first full-length album, "Forward the Foundation." Still writing regularly while continuing to play live, by the time "Forward" was finally ready for release they had written enough songs for a new album. Due to this, and to the budget of their then-label Slow Death, "Forward the Foundation" only saw a limited cassette release. 

In August 1997 they scored an opening slot with Bay Area thrash legends Exodus in Randolph, New Jersey while on their 'Another Lesson in Violence Tour.' Dave took this opportunity to interview a very friendly and cordial Gary Holt for a local fanzine, and was lucky enough to meet & interview the late great Paul Baloff as well, who had returned on vocal duties for this tour. 

Finally, in 1998, Freak Seed recorded Sun Serpent Records' inaugural release, "Ignition". While technically their second full-length album, and third release - it would be their first on compact disc and first to see proper distribution. A 16mm promotional short film was shot & directed by Mike Jaworski for the song "Earthworm Fever" to accompany the album. 

Before parting ways in 1999 to pursue personal projects, the "Zero Reflection" 6-song single/EP was released featuring a cover of Pink Floyd's "The Narrow Way, Pt.II" along with live versions of "Madness Cycle" and Black Sabbath's "Symptom of the Universe". 

Notable compilation appearances include; Eclipse Records' "Outer Limits" featuring the song "Quarantine," and Psykoziz Records' "Tentacles of Submission" which premiered the track "Zero Reflection". Several Freak Seed songs are also featured on the soundtrack of Grey Sky Productions' movie "The Master Plan." In 2007 a video was edited together from existing live footage for the song "Zero Reflection" and posted on YouTube, and in 2008 a brand new song, "Lucified" was posted on mySpace. 

In late 2013, the next two installments of the 'Sun Serpent Re-issue Series' featured "Grout" & "Forward the Foundation", both for the first time on CD. The re-issued "Grout" includes a bonus remix of "Reactivate" that was composed back in 1996 by original bassist Joe Yutsus.

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Skull Machine (1996)
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God's Head (1998)
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Earthworm Fever (1998)
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Without All (1997)
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Ribcage (1998)
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Zero Reflection (2007)

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