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Experimental sonic purveyors Kill The Spirit ply their craft by arranging & deranging the visual & the auditory into pleasingly disturbing visionary soundscapes. Their unique approach transcends theory & form, in turn creating rifts and closing gaps between the avant-garde & the ambient, musique concrete & the mainstream, the electronic & the analog.

In December 2016, their second full-length "A Collection of Dark Trance Songs" premiered sounds that may be considered more accessible than their first offering. While the psychedelic mellow groove of "Chill Villain" both compliments & contrasts the cold electronic vibe of "Green Thumb for Murder", the subtle humor of "Finesse in Human Relations" segues nicely into the the nightmarish closer "Her Name Is Death".

Three months earlier, in September 2016, their debut album hit the streets with the "Monster" single preceding it by one week. They premiered the album's opening track "Temple of Mammon" via YouTube on May 30 and a video for "Monster" debuted in early August. The other 4 pieces featured on the debut are "The Rainbow", "Cocaine Disco", "Taedium Vitae" and "The End of the Medium", with all 6 titles combining for a total playing time of 44 minutes. 

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Temple of Mammon (2016)
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Green Thumb for Murder (2017)
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Her Name Is Death (2017)
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Cocaine Disco (2016)
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Monster (2016)

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