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MurderDance Klick was originally founded in 1996 as a collaborative project between Joe Yutsus (vocals, guitars & programming) and John Seput (programming & samples). They released the 3-song "Sixteen Down" single in 1997 followed by an appearance on Psykoziz Records’ "Tentacles of Submission" compilation. Nearly a dozen songs were written and recorded during this period, but by 1998 John's relocation would quietly end the project before most of those recordings would see the light of day.

In early 2016, Joe resurrected MurderDance Klick and began recording new material for Vol.2 of the Sun Serpent Split Series. In preparation for a full scale MDKlick relaunch, eight original recordings from the 1997 sessions were released under the title "Burn My World" in October 2016 on Sun Serpent Records. To follow up their Split Series appearance, Joe is recording additional material for MDKlick's sophomore album due later in 2017.

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Trigger (2016)
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Choke (2016)
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Rock(et) (2016)

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