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Power Plant began generating their own brand of electrical frequencies in 1994 when twin brothers Robert and Kevin Nichols, formerly of Mortuary and Decomposed (NY), crossed paths with an old childhood acquaintance named Matt Friel. Their shared musical interests prompted collaboration and they immediately began writing original material; Kevin and Robert creating the sound while Matt provided vocals and the bands’ artistic imagery. By June 1995, and still without a bass player, they would play their first show as the local opening act for the legendary Death with a friend filling the vacant bass slot for the evening. The man who would eventually fill that position, bassist John Faller, was in attendance that evening and within a week the original line-up was complete. 

Their first EP, entitled “Unknown” was recorded in February 1996 with producer Alap Momin and featured the first studio recording of their popular live favorite “Carnivorous By Nature”. Sadly, this would be the only recording to feature this incarnation of the band, as by 1997 they would go their separate ways. Jahn Faller moved on to form Voodoo Terror Tribe while Robert and Kevin continued performing under the name Aries 7. 

But as fate would have it an early 2001 house fire would claim all of Matt’s belongings and re-acquaint him with the “Brothers Grim”. Rediscovering their musical passion in the ashes of tragedy, they began writing and performing together again, and once again found themselves without a bass player. Undaunted, by early autumn they entered the studio to record “Organic” with producer Roy Prichard who would join the band on bass shortly after the recording. This line-up would last about a year until Matt’s final departure in 2002. 

It didn’t take long to fill the vocal vacancy, as Rob and Kev’s cousin Francois Fatras was ready to tackle that duty with attitude to spare. Power Plant began performing regularly with this line-up in support of their next two releases “Surging” (2003) and “Vortex” (2005). By late 2006 the band was in peak form when they wrote and recorded what would be their magnum opus, and eventually their final album “Dead Computerized Zombies”. Francois left shortly after the recording but the band would carry on with Kevin on vocals. A video was filmed as a three-piece line-up and released in early 2007 shortly before the band dissolved. 

Soon after the demise of Power Plant, Robert and Kevin joined forces with ex-Rawhead members Mike Clarey (bass) and Erik Christenson (guitar) to form Firestorm, whose self-titled debut was released in 2013. In early 2016 “Dead Computerized Zombies” was reissued on Sun Serpent Records celebrating a decade since its original release.

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Dead Computerized Zombies (2007)
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Reality Becomes a TV Show (2007)
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Cyber Isolation (2007)
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