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40armboy & MurderDance Klick Premier New Music, Bowie Tributes On Split CD

November 30, 2016

With the May 2016 re-issue of 40armboy's 1999 debut "Survival & Basic Knowledge" followed shortly by MurderDance Klick's 1997 sessions "Burn My World" in October, both of these resurrected electronic rock projects hit the ground running to debut all new offerings on Vol.2 of the Sun Serpent Split Series.

Vol.2's origins go all the way back to the early 1990's when Dave Couillou and Joe Yutsus first met while performing with industrial act Black Metal Box. By 1996 Joe began writing solo as Pain Pleasure Acid, and eventually moved on to form MurderDK with John Seput. Separately, but at the same time, Dave began recording solo as 40armboy while simultaneously kickstarting mid-90's metal band Freak Seed. All of these projects would cease operations by 1999.

Dave returned to Sun Serpent in 2011, releasing the full-length solo recording "Venusian Skies" as ©ujo. In 2012 he went on to form one half of the extreme metal duo Carrion Witch, who would appear on the inaugural Split Series release in 2014. When talks began in late 2015 about re-issuing 40armboy's 1999 debut, re-visiting the old material during the remastering process naturally sparked cuiousity as to what 40armboy might sound like in the new millennium. And so new recordings began.

Still in contact with Joe, the idea of a split release actually began via text, when Joe informed Dave that he was writing and recording again as MurderDance Klick. With the timing just right, the line-up for the second Split Series plainly dictated itself.

Putting a spin on the average split template, both will contribute 2 new originals and 2 cover songs for a total of 8 tracks. Aside from the 2 originals, Dave provides an update on an old MurderDK song from "Burn My World", while Joe returns the favor by covering an old 40armboy track. And rounding out the release, both Dave and Joe show their respect and appreciation for late visionary artist David Bowie with covers of "Always Crashing in the Same Car" and "Star", respectively.

Be on high alert for more new music as both projects are currently preparing sophomore efforts due sometime in 2017.

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40armboy "The Worm Device"
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MurderDance Klick "Rock(et)"
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