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Firestorm is the artistic culmination of two classic Jersey metal/hardcore bands. Brothers Kevin Nichols (guitars/vocals) and Robert Nichols (drums) rose from the ashes of their previous incarnation Power Plant and joined forces with Erik Christenson (guitar) and Mike Clarey (bass/vocals), both former members of fellow veteran Jersey juggernauts Rawhead. They have taken their collective blood and sweat to forge new & uncompromising metal, quenching and tempering it with sounds from their past while still touching upon new ground.

Their second full-length "Raging Inferno" was released in July 2017. Unrelenting from start to finish, this platter of thrash pays sonic homage to such legendary acts as Bathory, Death and 'Kill 'Em All'-era Metallica. In September 2014 Firestorm debuted four new songs on the inaugural release of the Sun Serpent Split Series alongside Florida's Carrion Witch. Their self-titled debut, released in 2013 on Power Plant Records, harnesses an equal blend of heaviness, speed and hardcore while occasionally weaving through melting psychedelic landscapes creating their own savory blend of metal.

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The Dead of Night Returns (2014)
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Chaos (2013)
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Blocking out the Sun (2017)

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